Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shabby kitchen in a new building...what a challenge. First the kitchen!

Finally I've decide to buy a new house!
The renovations of the old one were more than an investment and with the new baby coming I've decided to be a new house owner. Of course trying to match a new building with the love for shabby is a bit of a challenge but I've decided to take one room at the time and today it's time to plan the kitchen.
Here some examples I thought they could match:

 For these first 2 pictures I'd love to add red or yellow accessories and small appliances because of the floor colour and the dark bench. I've personally chosen a dark charkcoal bench as my floor is white beech wood but if you have a really dark wood floor, I'd consider the following...

For these last 3 pictures for example, I'd use teal blue accessories, vases, old jars like vintage Masons ones. Also I've noticed that metallic appliances would work too and they would help to merge new and old styles.

Soon, I'm going to show you all the results of all the hard work I've done in blending a new house with shabby chic but in the meantime if you are in love with these kitchens you can find them here at Kleenmaid appliances where I got these photos from.

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  1. Oh, good luck- That is a big move, isn't it? Lots of choices and plans. I can't wait to see the outcome- xo Diana


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