Sunday, October 16, 2011

Abilmente Vicenza - book your course now

Hi Everybody,

sorry for my silence but I'm getting ready for a big challange called ABILMENTE:

“ABILMENTE – Workshop Show of Creative Manual Skills”.
This big kermesse, with its 47.000 visitors recorded in the last autumnal edition, has established itself once again as the leading exhibition in Italy in the sector of creative manual skills.

An eventful, original and special show that can satisfy all types of visitors…even the most demanding ones!

Fiera di Vicenza, 20 – 23 OCTOBER 2011
Pavilions: F B G I
East and West entrances

You can come and meet me there to enjoy one of my courses below:

Fabric buttons accessories:

Thursday 20/10/2011 time 11:00
Thursday 20/10/2011 time 13:30
Thursday 20/10/2011 time 16:00
Friday 21/10/2011 time 10:00
Friday 21/10/2011 time 13:00
Friday 21/10/2011 time 16:30
Saturday 22/10/2011 time 10:00
Saturday 22/10/2011 time 11:00
Saturday 22/10/2011 time 14:30
Sunday 23/10/2011 time 14:00
Sunday 23/10/2011 time 17:30

Equipment: Material included

Members max: 6

Performed by: Mad About Pink (Jessica)

Duration: 30 min


Price: 10 €

Stand: PAD. G

To book, email me here or drop me a line but also come to the stand just to say hi!
I'd love to meet you in person! 

And now I'm off to get some more kits ready!

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