Saturday, August 25, 2012

How To Get Organized In The Kitchen - Guest Post

How wonderful is this post, Kyle from Capital Mark Interiors has decided to give us some tips on how to get organized in the kitchen.
Have you got more tips? Share them with us!

 The kitchen space is the one space in the home in which everyone congregates on a regular basis. This is not only for eating purposes, but also for gathering to share about their day, drop their stuff or stroll through in order to get to another area of the home. However, because of the sheer amount of traffic, it is fairly easy for this space to get unorganized quickly. And now that school is back in session, kitchen organization is a bigger issue than ever, as papers, books, notebooks and more tend to accumulate in this already crowded space of the home, creating chaos. Consider a few key tips to stay organized in the kitchen, despite kids doing homework in this space and the daily coordination of meals here:

•    Create a dedicated space for homework papers: Homework papers are the number one culprit of a messy kitchen that is also used for schoolwork purposes. They can multiply quickly and get out of control, which can not only result in a messy kitchen, but also lost homework. Instead, create a dedicated space for your kids to work in the kitchen and keep a basket in that area at all times, where all homework papers will go. This ensures that if a piece of homework doesn’t make it into a backpack, you know just where to look.

•    Keep separate baskets for snack food items: One of the number one culprits of a messy kitchen is a kid that is rooting around for an after-school snack on which to munch while doing homework. To avoid a mess that can quickly spiral out of control, keep separate baskets for snacks, so kids know just what they are allowed to eat after school. Moreover, this ensures that even if you are not in the room, they are only allowed to choose a pre-selected and fairly healthy option. It gives you control over what they eat if you are not home after school and ensures that the kitchen pantry doesn’t get out of control with kids pilfering around for a snack.
•    Institute a daily clean-up of the kitchen with all members of the family participating: When everyone has to participate in clean-up, it encourages them to keep this space clean. After all, no one likes to spend their extra time cleaning, so when everyone participates, it ensures that they are more motivated to help keep the kitchen clean. Assign everyone a daily task and mark it off when it is complete. You can also use the same system on the weekends, when you may opt for a deeper cleaning. If you are having your kids help out, then be sure to utilize a rewards system that gives them positive reinforcement for helping to keep this common area of the home clean. Moreover, it teaches them good kitchen organization skills that can be used later in life.

•    Utilize an in/out basket system: In addition to homework papers, there are permission slips and other forms that need to be signed from school. To keep up with everything for kitchen organization purposes, utilize the same in and out basket system that you might see in an office. This gives everyone a clear idea of where to expect these papers to be and also allows you an easy way to check for new papers each day. It keeps them organized, so you aren’t looking for permissions slips in the bottom of your closet or somewhere in the abyss of your car. Make sure to keep these baskets in clear sight so that the process is effective.

The more you can initiate a kitchen organization system that everyone can live with, the more likely it is that you will be successful in creating a kitchen space that is good for both eating and schoolwork. Because this is a fairly common space, kids often feel most comfortable here and are likely to be more effective when getting their schoolwork done. However, because of the size of the space, it is easy for things to get out of order. By getting everyone on board with your kitchen organization system, you can be assured that your kitchen space will remain clutter-free and perfect for all types of use.

About Kyle:

 Kyle Zimmerman, owner of Capital Mark Interiors, is a highly skilled craftsman as well as talented writer. His shop, located in Gilbert, Arizona, provides not only cabinetry choices, counter tops and flooring, it also provides inspiration for local homeowners looking to renovate their kitchens or bathrooms. With many years in the industry, Kyle has honed his skills to include custom granite edging, built-in sinks, creative nook and work-spaces, unique granite islands, and much more. For more information on how Kyle can help you, visit

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's hot and I want a party like this: Watermelon Party

There is nothing better than watermelon when you are hot! and Italy has the best ones ever on earth.
 This is what inspired me to search for a great Watermelon party. Look at this one from Little things creations.


Table styling: Fara Party Design

Party Printables: Little things Creations

Watermelon Slice Party Favor Boxes: Paper Glitter

Cupcakes: Cupcakes by Yady

Rice crispy Treats idea: Glorious Treats

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shabby kitchen in a new building...what a challenge. First the kitchen!

Finally I've decide to buy a new house!
The renovations of the old one were more than an investment and with the new baby coming I've decided to be a new house owner. Of course trying to match a new building with the love for shabby is a bit of a challenge but I've decided to take one room at the time and today it's time to plan the kitchen.
Here some examples I thought they could match:

 For these first 2 pictures I'd love to add red or yellow accessories and small appliances because of the floor colour and the dark bench. I've personally chosen a dark charkcoal bench as my floor is white beech wood but if you have a really dark wood floor, I'd consider the following...

For these last 3 pictures for example, I'd use teal blue accessories, vases, old jars like vintage Masons ones. Also I've noticed that metallic appliances would work too and they would help to merge new and old styles.

Soon, I'm going to show you all the results of all the hard work I've done in blending a new house with shabby chic but in the meantime if you are in love with these kitchens you can find them here at Kleenmaid appliances where I got these photos from.

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