Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to make candles in a jar the Mad About Pink way - TUTORIAL

Dear all,

after the great success of my Ring in a Jar, I've decided to share my tutorial with all of you.

“Candle in a Jar” in 5 easy steps
1-Melt the Wax in bain-marie
Place on low temperature a pot with water and inside it a coffee can or another pot (that you won’t use anymore for cooking).  While your water is warming up, you can start placing the wax in the coffee can. If you prefer, you may use old candles or a combination of paraffin from old candles or leftovers.  Mixing old candles leftovers can give you cool effects and it’s good for recycling. Just match the colors before!
·         Cut up the wax into small chunks, and place it in the can. If you're using old candles, choose colors that will mix well. You'll also want to remove any charred wick ends. 
·         Stir with an old spoon or Popsicle stick. If there are any old candles in the mix, take a fork and pull out any old wicks that have been freed from the old candles. 

2-Color the wax (Optional)
Crayons are the best way to color candles. Combining a white crayon in with a colored one makes a softer color. Color schemes possibilities are endless!
·         Break crayons into small pieces. 
·         When  the wax is nearly melted, drop the crayons into the coffee can. 
·         Stir to mix color thoroughly. 

3-Make your own wicks 
·         Cut thick cotton string about 7/8 cm longer than your mold will require. 
·         When your wax is melted, dip cotton string in wax. 
·         Hang your wicks from a clothesline or place them on waxed paper, being sure to lay them out in a straight line so you'll have nice straight wicks .
·         Scent your wicks: If you are making your own wicks, you have the option of scenting the wicks rather than the candles. Before dipping wicks in wax, soak the wicks in a fragrance or perfume 

4-Pour the wax
Remove the can from the boiling water. You'll want to use a pot holder or a cloth to prevent you from burning your fingers. Let the wax cool for a minute or two before being poured into the jar. 
·         Tilt the jar slightly, towards the can. This will improve the chances of spill-free transfer. 
·         Pour wax slowly into the jar

5-Insert the wick
You'll need a pencil to lay across the mouth of the jar in order to hold the wick in place while the wax hardens.
·         Measure the wick. Take the wicks and lay them along the length of the jar. Add an extra 2cm  of string section of wick, to lit the candle later on plus an extra 4/5 cm to wrap around the pencil. 
·         Insert the wick into the center of the jar. Notice the amount of wick that remains outside the jar.
·         Wrap the end of the wick around the pencil. This holds the wick in the center of the wax while it cools. 

Let it rest for a day and then enjoy!
Use this technique with any glass jars or tin cans, label then the way you like the most and give them as a gift.
If you are having any trouble with this tutorial please email me and I'll help you!
This is only for personal use, please ask before sharing, I never say no, but it's nice to know. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 New Year Ideas

Here's something I had to share from How Does She?  
1.  Add to bottle of  sparkling cider for a fun hostess gift this New Year’s Eve. From Beth ProudFoot
2.  New Year Printable to support Operation Shower.  From Love the Day
An amazing collection of 2011 printables!
3.  Perfect little banner to help you ring in the new year!! From *a little lovely
4.  Time is ticking with these fun midnight cookies from The decorated cookie
5.  A New Year’s greeting card in case you didn’t have time to send out Christmas cards from the talented Monika Wright.  Here is her free printable collection! It’s awesome!
6.  Organizing time for the new year! Rounding out the free printable calendar collection to help you get ready for 2011.  From Creative Mama
7.  Welcome 2011 from It’s a Crafty Life
8.  Ring in 2011 with festive flair with your very own Happy New Year flag! From BNute Productions

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Mad About Pink

After Christmas rush - 10% OFF Mad About Pink (limited time)

Hi there,
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was great even if my son was afraid of Santa :-) 
I'm so happy I have 10 days off work but I'm already feeling restless. Today, I've been renewing Mad About Pink look... what do you think? (For this, I have to thank Lisa, she did such an excellent job!) as well as tidying up the all house ( I so hate it!) and teaching my son to use a skateboard.

 I've also been working on new products... and finally restocking my shop, updating my Facebook page and of course eating more than I should!

Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY! CLICK HERE to enter! Just because I have more time in hands after the big Christmas rush, I offer 10% off any order placed before the 6th of January, please email me with the list or order directly from the shop (if ordering through Dawanda, please mention BLOGGER OFFER when checking out).

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas and a CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!

Dear All,
what have I been doing lately?
Sewing, making, creating, wrapping, posting, and of course being a mum and a secretary that I’ve almost forgotten to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you can understand!

To explain the picture... the little dolls are personalized keyrings for a volleyball team! it was such an exciting project to make with felt! the first one is my new make up roll on sale now! in particular, the 3 you see were an order I got from the Christmas market and below some mail orders ready to go and my new logo.
To be forgiven and to wish you a great start of the New Year, I’ve decided to create a special Christmas Giveaway.

It very easy… you can win a DELICIOUS HANDMADE LIPBALM ( you can choose the flavour if you are the winner) and a surprise!

The lucky winner will be announced on the 6th of January and it’s open internationally!


1)Leave a comment and follow me only if you like my blog!

2)For extra entries: join me on Facebook (see the sidebars to click it directly), blog about me or anything you like, just leave a comment about it.

To let you know, the Christmas rush is getting better, I still have to finish some orders but I'm now ready to create new items so feel free to ask for special requests. I have many new ideas for 2011 so I’ll take the opportunities to be on holiday for 2 weeks to start them.

Mad About Pink

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas free printables - gnome note cards and city labels

  Hello, here's some handy files to download for Xmas for your last minutes presents. Enjoy them with your friends and family.
5 or so Days of Holiday Happy - Day 1
5 or so Days of Holiday Happy - Day 1

Download a copy of the Gnoma Notes PDF file here

Printable Holiday Gift Tag (620)
(p.s. get last year’s tag here, see all my free printables here)
Via Giverslog

XXX, Jess
Mad About Pink

Very modern house via DigsDigs

Don't you love it? I'm not modern but that pink....all via Digsdigs

When an architect designs home for himself it usually becomes a fantastic living space that other people can only dream of. Micheli Residence is exactly such a home designed by Simone Micheli in a very modern style. It’s located in Florence, Italy and the architect lives there with his family. The house is full of large open spaces, light, vibrant colors and interesting custom-made furniture. Even though it has many traditional features of luxury living spaces it doesn’t look as pretentious as these spaces. The main color around both floors is white. It helps to make the environment more light and spacious. Only some furniture elements are painted in other colors but all these colors are very bright and noticeable. About 90% of the home is made of eco compatible materials.

Read more:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Card Display Ideas

To complete the Christmas theme post, I couldn't forget about the card display! Look what I've found over at 30days.

Christmas Card Canister from BH&G
From Family Fun- Christmas tree
Martha's pin up wreath
Country Living's card tree

Btw, I forgot to update you on the Christmas market I did...
well, apart from the rain, the snow and the poor location, it was good! I'm so happy to have met cool people and sold many items. It feels good to be appreciated. Don't you think?
Tomorrow it will be my last market for the year. Wish me luck!

A Vintage Pastel Christmas Dessert Table

Pastel Pink & Blue Christmas Party Ideas

Pastel Pink & Blue Christmas Party Ideas

Pastel Pink & Blue Christmas Party Ideas

Pastel Pink & Blue Christmas Party Ideas

Pastel Pink & Blue Christmas Party Ideas

Pastel Pink & Blue Christmas Party Ideas

Pastel Pink & Blue Christmas Party Ideas

Recipe Resources & Vendor Credits:
• Vanilla Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
• Decorated Sugar Cookies
• White Chocolate dipped Oreos (store bought) with custom royal icing transfers (by me)
• Coconut Date Bites
• Handcrafted Marshmallows (by Fusion Sweets)
• Assorted candies
Styling, flower arrangements, cookies and cupcakes – Glory Albin.
Photography by Gene Chutka and Glory Albin.
Mad About Pink


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