Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kraft deco ideas

Hello Mad Pinkettes,

sorry for me not posting as regular but a newborn baby that doesn't sleep makes you a bit slow during the day.
While reading some sites looking for packaging ideas for the Christmas presents I found this via Hey Look, a great source of ideas:

A DIY tutorial on how to make your own geometric table runners. We're loving the cut of these, and the dotted runner is so cute! Tutorial by Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day (photos: Pretty Simple Productions)

Beautiful calligraphy adds so much elegance to kraft! We found the idea in this summer cherry wedding (photography by Jose Villa).

Another geometric runner spotted in this inspiration shoot featured on SMP // photo: Rachel Peters

A kraft table setting for a flower work shop. Pretty! Featured on 100 Layer Cake // photography: Scott Clark

But I've also found this:

 not just for kids tables...
 from Sweet Paul

or this
Decorate kraft paper bags for unique elementary school valentines
from Grey Likes baby

but I have so many other ideas in mind. Vintage ones using doilies, washi tape and a lot of recycled ribbons.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas this Eva

Hello Mad About Pink readers. I am Eva Stephen. I am so happy to be here. The following post would give you the blend of traditional as well as modern decoration ideas for Christmas. I hope it helps and gives you inspiration for Christmas decoration this year.

Christmas is just around the corner, so let’s get down to creating a plan how to make your home as lovely as possible for this special day. How about doing something a little different this year? I am going to suggest several different decoration ideas and you’ll see which one best matches your home and your sense of style.

Introducing Purple as the Colour of the Year

Christmas colours are usually green, white and red. How about adding a new colour to your decorations? Purple is very rich and festive, and could be a beautiful addition to your décor. Add purple Christmas balls to your tree, purple balloons bouncing around the room and some other purple decorations that we’ll talk about. The colour of your dress or shirt on Christmas Eve could also be purple.

Hello, Crafts and Designs

If you have children, or even if you don’t, it could be a lot of fun to organize a day well ahead of Christmas to make some interesting decorations. Don’t rely on stuff that you can buy, but try to create something new and original. Some fresh ideas you can consider are:

1) A life-size Santa made out of cardboard and placed next to the
Christmas tree, in a position as if he’s putting presents under the tree.

Sparkly stars sewn to the curtains, falling from the ceiling (hanging from a think piece of thread) or stuck to walls, doors, etc. You should have some purple stars, too.

3) Balloons everywhere! Check out Christmas balloons from Party Box.

4) Fake presents – though you’ll have real presents underneath the tree, you can have boxes in shiny paper and of different sizes appearing from unexpected places – when you open a cupboard to get something, from underneath the bed or sofa, peering from underneath the pillow, etc. You can also play a game titled: “Guess which fake present is not really fake?” which you could play towards the end of the evening and have a race who’ll find the real gift among the “false” ones.

5) Place anything shiny around the house on the floor so that it will sparkle in an unusual way (pieces of fake jewellery, glass, stones, etc.)

You can also try to find new ideas online or in magazines and introduce a new look to your home for Christmas.
Don’t Overdo It

It is very important not to get caught up with decorating and lose track of what’s within the limits of good taste. Naturally, Christmas is all about having a glowing house full of
ornaments and lights, which would look funny any other ordinary day of the year. But there’s still something called “too much Christmas decoration”. So, if you’re decorating your front porch, make it subtle and pleasant to the eye, rather than chaotic.

Decorate Every Room

You want your whole house to enjoy the holiday. Don’t let the bedroom furniture feel left out. Check out latest
stock from this website. Bring in decorations to your study room, kitchen and bathroom as well. Use covers, blankets and pillows that look a little more festive than the ones you regularly use, if you have any. Have fresh flowers in vases in every room. Music is also very important contributor to the Christmas mood; it would be nice if you could hear it from almost any part of the house, even if just slightly.

Now that you have everything ready – sparkle, merry colours, good lighting, music, Santa handing out gifts – you’re ready for celebration.

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