Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest Post: Shabby Chic Design Trends

"Opaque white chandeliers and
antique metal sconces..."
There are a few different slants to the Shabby Chic style: Cottage, Romantic, English Country and even Seaside.  The essence of vintage lies in airy, light fabrics and colors; textures that make you want to curl up and nap.  Beyond the basics of vintage white iron bed frames and pastel throw pillows, what kind of design trends will we be seeing in the coming year for the tradition of shabby chic?  Less tattered and more natural materials will make their way this year.

1. Repurposed Wooden Doors
Whether it’s two vertical, paint-scraped doors as a headboard or a single one as the top of a coffee table, the use of old wooden doors that have been scraped and partially sanded make great accents.  It’s rustic and tactile and reminiscent of a time before pre-fabricated metal doors.

2. Light Fixture
Lighting is a very important factor for the cottage feel, undressed fluorescent lights just won’t do. Opaque white chandeliers and antique metal sconces followed up with pastel patterned lampshades will deliver a soft glow to the room.

3. Leather
Vintage leather chairs and sofas last forever if they’re well taken care of and look great even when they start to crack a little around the edges.  Search high and low for the lighter tones for one great leather piece to fit into your living room such as an ottoman or studded chair.

4 Accent Color
With a base like white or ivory you can accent with a romantic color like rosy red or sea foam green.  Light purple or any color blue from navy to sky can bring a nice break to the natural tones of English Country or Seaside for a more Romantic feel.

Author’s Bio:  Ryan writes about design trends and the housing market for Austin Texas homes for sale and Hutto homes for sale; as well as Anderson window prices for updating window styles. 

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