Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Printables - Chicks


As you can see Mad about Pink has a new look! The inspiration came from the spring season and the tree I see from my window. I've added more space for your feedbacks (always appreciated) and it’s more interactive. Readers are not passive, they become friends from all over the world that all share something and... it feels great. I really hope you feel the same too.

Time flies and Easter is approaching. How can I not include something. Here’s a link for free Easter printable from Jinjerup (tutorial provided on her blog, check it out!). They are handy for last minute little gifts (a card and bookmark at the same time, so simple and so clever). Of course I’ve tried to print them on thick paper and I’ve attached a little chocolate Easter egg with coordinating ribbon. They look great and it takes only few minutes.

Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

12 Easy decor tips

the nest

12 Easy Decor Tricks

Tip: Modern furniture is beautiful, but it can sometimes look a little uninviting. Soften the lines by adding texture. Toss a fluffy flokati rug on the floor, colorful pillows on your couch, and some organic decorative pieces on the coffee table. Styling by Gina Provenzano.

Tip: Go funky with details to create unique end tables. Try a tower of art or fashion books, a pile of retro-style suitcases, even a stool.

Tip: Fill a large wall space for a small price. First, you need a piece of fabric that complements the upholstery in the room. Get a stretcher from an art store, stretch the fabric over the wall, and attach it with a staple gun.

Tip: Your entryway needs personality because it’s the first thing people see. First, clear a small space for all your stuff—keys, cell, and mail. Then get creative by jazzing up the wall with colorful paint or wild wallpaper. Modular Bookcase, West Elm, Colored storage boxes, The Container Store. Styling by Gina Provenzano.

Tip: Working in threes is a great tip for displaying your stuff like the pros. Try coordinating tea pots, potted plants, clocks on a wall, or vases of different heights.

Tip: Color is key when styling your open shelves. Pick two harmonizing hues and mix them up evenly. Use coordinating shapes, organize by size, and don’t be afraid to show off your hardware like colanders, shiny pots, even appliances.

Tip: Jazz up those white walls with some out-of-the-ordinary ideas. Transform your space by choosing a bright paint color for the background and add a fun 3-D element, such as arranging a collection of plates or hanging wallpaper in a patchwork pattern.

Tip: Photos can add a personal touch to your room—as long as they’re displayed the right way. Make a grid with pictures in matching frames; arrange photos on shelves and add family memorabilia; hang black-and-white photos against a colorful backdrop.

Tip: Every room needs a focal point, which is the one thing the eye is immediately drawn toward (it also drives the design of the room). Examples of decorative focal points are a fireplace, a four-poster bed, or an interesting piece of furniture.  Styling by Gina Provenzano.

Tip: Wall decals are an instant home-style tip; they’re an easy, inexpensive way to spruce up a room. The decals come on sheets—like temporary tattoos—and are applied by simply rubbing them on the walls. Plus, they peel right off the walls so they’re perfect for that rental (or people who like to redecorate a lot!).

Tip: Some easy and cheap wall art ideas: framing a collection of cool vintage cigar labels; cutting up and framing pages from a photography book; and framing scraps of wallpaper. You can even take snapshots from a recent vacation and arrange them with souvenirs.

Tip: Get creative by stylishly organizing bookshelves by color, rather than size or theme. Mix in objects to give the shelves a sense of texture as well. Most importantly, don’t fill every inch—leave some open space so the look doesn’t appear too chaotic.


Dear readers, 
to celebrate spring, I'm announcing the first giveaway from my Mad About Pink Shop: a delicious handmade lipbalm 100% natural with yummy cherry flavour.

The birdie on the label has first been done in watercolours and it comes in a tube with a handy twist bottom. 
  • Follow my blog and leave a comment. 
  • To have multiple entries please link this post to your blog and let me know, I'm also very happy to follow your one.
  • If you don't have a blog, just leave a comment and subscribe to receive my posts by email.

The winner will be announced on the 18th of April 2010. Plenty of time for you to join. Please make sure I have your email address so I can contact you for the shipping details.

Good Luck and Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inspiration "Alice in Wonderland"

Aren't those photos fantastic? Especially after the new movie Alice in Wonderland is out. To see more of this, visit this great web site : A Fancifull Twist.

I'll be away for next week but hopefully I'll keep posting. I'll be in Paris and Amsterdam but no time for shopping :-(. Why do we need to work? Have a good week you all! 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Decorative Idea for your book shelves

Have you got a spare moment and you wish to decorate your shelves?
Follow this funny idea from Icoeye. I was thinking to write a text with this technique. Maybe a famous quote from a novelist or a list of nice words like HOME, LOVE, WARM, HAPPYNESS, or writing the colours of my walls BLUE, ORANGE...if you have any better idea, let us know and post a comment!

Download the pdf templatefrom here and enjoy.

Have a good week end!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Languages and cultures – 10% off Skype

If you love travelling like me and you wish to learn another language (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Chinese…. Included), please visit this innovative website

You can learn almost any language and with a private tutor at very affordable price. All via Skype.

The MUST: you organize it directly with your teacher at any time you want and thanks to the webcam it’s like sitting in front of them without leaving your home. All in a friendly environment.

And wouldn’t you like sitting in a chair like this while doing your course? I’d love it so much!

You can join the community and also use the forum for free to ask questions about any language. The teachers are all qualified with different backgrounds so you can choose the one that suits you more.

Being part of it, I managed to get a 10% off to all Mad About Pink followers and friends. Join for free, and if you wish to do a course, please quote Mad About Pink in your email or send me a mail directly to me.

Stay with me, handmade lip balm giveaway coming soon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I've met so many good artists lately that I'd like to share them with you.
The first one is called Luca Pappalardo from Italy. he's the one that designed especially for Mad About Pink those cute lipbalms.

I've selected some very specials watercolours drawings that I hope you'll love too.

 The other artist for this week is Felicity Lingle, an artist based in New England. She draw especially for me this cute pig. Make sure you visit her website or


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