Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shabby chic caravan

WOW..... I've stumbled across this blog, Home Sweet Motorhome and I can't stop looking at this great camper van makeover. You must check all the other great pictures this couple has.
All details are so sweetly arranged, relaxing and homely feeling is what emerges. Don't you think?


Good Night everybody and sweet dreams.... off to do some shabby chic crafts!


  1. Hello Jess!
    I'm a new follower ~ This post is awesome. What a wonderful motor home~ wish I had one like that. It's so cozy!
    I really enjoy your blog, too. PiNk is the Best!!

  2. this is adorable...Jess..and my dear you won at I believe you are brand new follower too...lucky lady

  3. Wow!! THAT is gorgeous, thanks for the inspiration...x

  4. love it , I'm talking my better half into getting a trailer for camping so I can redo the inside ! :)

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