Thursday, November 26, 2009

My first Napkins Swap

Hello, I've just received my first Napkins Swap from Swap Bot and I'm so amazed to see that are actually people who really put extra care and give as much as they can even if not requested. Here's a a pic of what a received from Debbie (Floating Queen).

Thanks Debbie! Much appreciated! of course If you are looking for me I'm Madaboutpink!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Button ornaments

I've just found in my parents house a tin of vintage buttons so I went on the net to look for ideas. Here's what I came out with, for Christmas of course.
See more ideas in Martha Stewarts site.

Basic technique explained below:

The basic technique for all the ornaments is the same. Bend a pipe cleaner in half and twist once at the top for a loop. Slide buttons over pipe cleaner ends, slipping one end into each hole (if the button has four holes, use two diagonal ones). Use larger buttons for bellies and hat brims. When finished, twist ends of pipe cleaner to secure, and trim. For reindeer legs and antlers and for Santa's arms, bend 2-inch pieces of pipe cleaner in half, slip on between buttons, and twist. Glue on felt for Santa's beard and the snowman's nose. To hang the reindeer, loop a thread around its middle and tie.

xxx Jess

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Printable Christmas gift tags round 2

Warning Message!!!. I'm Christmas Crazy.
I'm preparing all my handmade goodies to sell at the Christmas market in my town and I can't stop thinking about what else I could of my work will follow. Of course all made thinking about the planet.  Meanwhile  here's another treat for stationary lovers like me from Mushy.

here for colours
here for black and white.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas tags to download

because I've a new friend from Swap-Bot17Papergoddess, here's something she could like. Personally I'm in love with those adorable tags. Hope you'll enjoy it it. Marie Claire Idées is always amazing me. if you have better ones, email me and I'll post them.
You can download the first four here and the second four here.

Christmas Room Decor

Almost 1 month to Christmas and it’s time for a bit of Christmas thinking. I’ve thought to post Christmas theme subjects but before looking for nice projects I’ve decided to look for inspirations.

First of all I’d like to share some tips from Interior Dec on how to make your home look festive and special and create the wonderful Christmas holiday atmosphere.
If you have great pics to share email me and I’ll be happy to add them to my posts.

1. Decorate Everything With Bows
• Tie generous ribbons to chair backs, candlesticks, picks in plants, wreaths, garlands, basket handles, drapery tie-backs, stair railings, and doorknobs.
• Bows look festive and the ribbons you choose should tie together with the rest of your decorating. Choose ribbons in colors and patterns that coordinate with your decorating scheme.
• You don't have to stick with red and green. Choose plaids or florals that tie in. If you can't find anything that looks quite right, then choose metallic silver, gold, green, or red.
• Choose a ribbon that you can untie and re-tie each year. This will save money in the long run, and you'll end up with a good collection.
• When the holidays are over, untie the ribbons and press them lightly. The bows won't get crushed and the ribbons will be ready when you want to take them out the next year.

2. Use holiday tableware for every meal in December.
• Look through your cupboards and get out any dishes that look festive.
• Discount stores often carry seconds of name brand china, as well as fun designs that are not so common.
• Start a set of holiday dishes with dinner plates that coordinate with your everyday dishes. Add new pieces each year, like salad plates and mugs. Note: Be sure the pattern you select will be continued from year to year.
• Buy 1 or 2 place settings each year. Before long, you'll be able to serve a feast.
• If you're adventuresome, choose a different pattern and one place setting each year. Arrange the different dishes around the table and get lots of comments and rekindle memories. When they're not in use, the dishes can be displayed around the room.

3. Turn off the lights.
• Arrange lots of candles on the dining table and dine by candlelight, even if you're just having leftovers. Every meal will feel special.
• Burn a fire in the fireplace each evening and encourage family members to gather around and read, do homework, write Christmas cards, or snooze.
• Arrange pillar candles in your bathroom, on the sink or around the tub. Take time to soak and enjoy! If you have little children in your home, you should be very careful with candles around the house. Always have an adult in the room.

4. Hang holiday wreaths.
• Put a wreath or swag on every door you have. Of course, start with the front door to welcome guests.
• Go on to the back door, inside and out. Remember over the mantle, and in all your front windows. Don't forget bedroom doors, inside and out.
• Use real pine, holly, or grapevine, decorated with bows, berries, fruit, pinecones, raffia, ornaments, birds, photos, or candy.
• To keep wreaths year after year, buy artificial wreaths that will last. Remember, you'll need room to store them!

Enjoy some more photos found via Room Envy, Country Living and Happy loves Rosie… and I’m sorry but I can’t remember where I found the others. If you know, let me know.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Simple Sewn Bird Ornaments

Here's a great idea for your Xmas ornaments if you have fabric scraps. You can use them as door hangers and as place tags too. I've found them on PurlBee.


• Nine 1/4- yards of assorted prints.

• A craft size package of high loft cotton batting
• 100% cotton thread
• Valdani Embroidery Thread in Magenta

Cut Fabrics:
Download and print the templates above.

To make 12 birds:

Pick out two fabrics, one for your bird body and one for the wings. Press the fabric and fold each piece right sides together. (In the picture above I am using the Pomegranate Kona Cotton for the bird and the Meadow in Beige Leaves for the wings.)

Using a fabric marker or a pencil to trace the bird template onto the doubled body fabric and trace the wings twice onto the doubled wing fabric. Make sure to transfer the markings from the templates as shown above.

Trace the body template once and the wing template twice onto a single layer of your batting.
Repeat for the remaining 11 birds.

Cut all the pieces out. You will have: One batting body, two batting wings, two fabric bodies, and four fabric wings.

Pin together the fabric body pieces together right sides together. Pin each pair of wings together, also right sides together.

Cut twelve 1/4-inch X 7-inch strips (six from each color) from the wool felt. This will be enough for twelve birds, so you can put eleven of them aside for now.

Saw Fabric:

Staring at one of the transfered marks sew around the body with an 1/8-inch seam allowance stopping at the other mark thus leaving a little opening as shown above. Repeat for wings.
Turn all the pieces right sides out. You can use a small knitting needle to poke out the corners of the beak, the tail and the wings.
Stuff and finish:
Take your wing batting and fold it in half lengthwise and slip it into the wing. Make sure the batting piece is oriented in the same direction as the wing.
The batting should fit snuggly inside the wing.

Repeat for the second wing and close both with a slip stitch.
Slip the body batting inside the fabric body tail first.
You might need to use that small knitting needle again to get the batting in every corner.

Fold a wool strip in half and place the ends into the opening.

Use cotton thread which matches the body fabric to close the opening with a slip stitch. Sew the wool strip into place as you do.

Thread an embroidery needle with the magenta embroidery thread and tie a knot. Pull the thread through the backside of one of the wings at the point where you'd like to attach it to the body.

Place both the wings where you want them on the body and pinch all three pieces together as shown above. Push the needle through the wings and the body as shown above to attach the wings to the body. Sew through all the layers again, making a "X" stitch on either wing and pulling very tight.

Once both wings have these little "X"s pull your needle through a wing but not the body and tie a knot where it will remain hidden in-between the wing and the body.

Repeat for the other eleven birds and you'll have your own beautiful flock!


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