Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

Sorry for not posting as often but the little bunny inside my belly is giving me a hard time!
I'll try to catch up with all the project I've been making shortly. In the mean time, I wish you all a great Easter!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guest post: Five Must Have Appliances for the Kitchen

 Brought to you by "The Kitchen Appliance Centre" in the UK

Are you planning to redo your kitchen? Create a kitchen that is as practical as it is stylish by making sure that you install the right appliances. Here’s our list of the top five must-haves to help you on your way:
1.    Dishwasher
Let’s be honest: washing up is rubbish and no one likes to do it. Save time and arguments by installing a dishwasher. New energy efficient models could actually mean you save money as they’ll use less gas or electricity than washing up as you go along. What could be better?
2.    Stainless steel undermount sinks
The sink is essential for any kitchen, and with so many choices of materials it can be hard to choose. For the most hygienic, practical and stylish option choose a stainless steel undermount sink. Not only will it give you a sleek and seamless finish, but also ensures that you don’t waste vital worktop space.
3.    Duel fuel cooker
It used to be a straight forward choice – either electric or gas. With electric cookers you had an efficient oven but a frustrating hob that was all too easy to burn food on. With gas cookers the oven temperatures are uneven, but the hobs are easy to control and offer instant heat.
Now though, you don’t have to make a sacrifice, simply choose a duel fuel cooker and combine the benefits of an electric oven and gas hob.
4.    Waste disposal units
Food waste is almost inevitable, for efficient and hygienic disposal choose a food disposal unit like the Insinkerator. The Insinkerator is fitted to your sink, then, instead of throwing food waste in the bin you simply tip it into the Insinkerator and it is transported out through your wastewater pipe.
Not only is this clean and efficient, but also it means that drains do not become blocked with food scraps that weren’t properly scraped into the bin.
5.    Food processor
Whether you’re cooking food for the family or whipping up fantastic dinner party feasts, every cook should have a food processor. This little gadget can help you to create a whole host of delicious dishes:
They make light work of grating cheese or slicing and dicing vegetables. Models like the KitchenAid offer dough blades for making bread, and egg whips for whisking cream and egg whites. Simply put they are essential for anyone who wants to spend less time cooking and more time eating.
Of course, there are so many choices for the modern kitchen that you really need to take the time to think about what will suit your needs now – and in the future. But for appliances that you will use for years to come, look no further than our must haves and enjoy your new kitchen.

Ian Lockwood writes for Kitchen Appliance Centre, specialists in Insinkerator waste disposal units and other kitchen appliances.

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