You can now advertise your own website, shop or service in a number of ways!
If you would like your Blog or RSS added to the left sidebar list then it only costs €15.00 for one year! A banner on each page for only €50 a month and a simple text link for only €5.00 a year!

Some statistics of this blog:

10000 + page views a month
2.15 pages/visit
1.39 average mins/visit
21.87% Direct Traffic
59.01% Referring Sites
17.55% Search Engines

For the latest page visits please go to the very bottom of this page for an update in real time.

Advertising Costs:
Text Link = €5.00 (a year)
Banner = €50 (monthly)
Blog/RSS listed = €15.00 (a year)

Please contact me here with your request in detail

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