Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mexican Interior

As you have noticed, summer makes me want to travel so I’ve decided that I’ll post ideas from all over the world weekly…if I can. If you have some photos from your holidays of interiors or accessories, please send them to me, I’ll be happy to post them on this blog.

I’ve always been fascinated by Mexican decors so I’m sharing with you some ideas on how to replicate that style.

The following text has been adapted from what I’ve read on Lux Interior.

During the invasion of the Conquistadors in the XVI century, Spanish culture has interacted with local traditions in Mexico and this has created a very unexpected, expressive and extravagant baroque style.

Mexico is also known for the cult of the dead. Figures dressed in multicoloured clothes are often used in decoration of interiors and they are placed in a very important area of the room.

The colours of Mexico are more provocative than those used in the Mediterranean and you can often encounter, like in the paintings of Frida Kahlo, tropical green, bloody red, lemon yellow and bright blue.

The typical Mexican blue, Azul Anil, is widely used in the House of the great painter Frida Kahlo that is now a museum and it has largely characterized her style.

Mexican style fits particularly well in today’s form of interior decoration. Even the most modern apartment fits perfectly the roughness of old wooden doors, wooden or brick arches across the ceiling and rugs.

The nature of this style is not difficult to achieve, but must follow some basic rules. It is important to know that Mexican style cannot be achieved in a room with carpet or rugs. Nor a place where the walls are covered with wallpaper. To be able to achieve the atmosphere of Mexico the walls should be whitewashed or neizmazan brick wall. If you have that basis, you only need the typical dazzling colours, collections of handicrafts like vases, rugs and masks on the walls.

(Photos via Lux Interior and Hacienda Style. I think I got some from google to so if you know where they are from let me know and I'll post the link)

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