Thursday, February 18, 2016

An after Valentine celebration - free printable love cards

Hello everybody,
after I had my computer down finally Santa brought me a new one and I'm back on blogging... even if I'm struggling with time.
Organizing a new life... with 2 children was not easy but I'm so much happier. What I was following was the right way with the wrong person and the hardest was to accept this mistake.
2015 taught me that Love can make you blind and follow something that was wrong for you. Well, it took me many years but finally I discovered the real meaning, in all its forms.
Love for your children, for your man and for all your friends... I discovered how nice it is to be loved and to work together for something you believe in.
So I decided to celebrate Love with a card that could express my feeling where love is so different but so similar everywhere.
So why not to do it just after Valentine's Day? I decided to post this later as love should be celebrated all the time and not only the 14th Feb.

I made different versions to suit all of you... I hope... Just click on the right tab and save the image and print it in the format you prefer.

Which one do you prefer? I turned them into postcards and I think they look so cute. You can easily do it for free from a lot of applications or with Word.
I hope you liked them.
p.s. feel free to use and share them but please always refer to my website. I didn't add any logo on them for you to use as you wish but I spent time on working on them so please consider this before posting them as your own.
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