Friday, March 28, 2014

MAP excuses for sunny days...

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Welcome Spring - a fresh bedroom look...mine and a spring printable

 Good morning everyone.

It’s the first day of spring! Everything wakes up from a long sleep with enough energy to change the world.

Here’s a little image I made for you. Let me know of you need it in a bigger format and I’ll send it to you. The little girl will soon be my new avatar. Do you like it? I designed it to be more versatile and crafty.
I've also …finally.... decided to share my bedroom and the new quilt I made. 

I wanted to make a tutorial but it but, by the time I finished it, I had enough even looking at it :-). It took sooo long that the impatient person in me came out right at the end.  I've also decorated my walls with many frames from real ones to stencils. I love the look of them, it decorates a plain wall and all in 15 minutes.
In the background you can also see some owl pillows I made but I’ll soon make new ones more shabby to suit the room.
I really love redoing my house and I'm so happy I decided to keep the walls white. They are so versatile. 

Bye for now. Have a great week end,

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