Monday, August 18, 2014

2015 Free Printable A4 Calendar - Must have if you are a stationary mad

Happy Monday and welcome back from holidays!

this year I've decided not to wait till the last minute to start create my agenda. So I made up this little A4 printable 2015 calendar with a month per page with space to write on them.
I got a cheap A4 folder (and I'm decorating it with fabric and stickers... yes, the geek on me has taken over)  that I can use as a nice office desk calendar with all the pages I need)
In the next week, I'll be publishing also the weekly A4 pages and the birthdays sheets so it's all ready for you to print from a home printer.

To download the 2015 calendar IN ENGLISH just click here.
To download the 2015 calendar IN ITALIAN just click here.

If you think about another page I should add, leave a comment or contact me. I'll be happy to make it! A nice stationary set is never enough!

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

My crafty days off

What do you do when you re on holiday?
well, apart from sea, sand and's what I did this weekend.

A nice craft tote
 and a baby bib for a little girl and for the mama that will thank me so she doesn't spill the food everywhere.
I also made a rice bubbles and chocolate cake but it was so disgusting that I'll never do it again.

ps. If you like any of my creations, just ask and I'll make a customized one for you or just visit my shop for supplies and requests.

Happy Sunday....and keep following as next week more printable to come.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

This photographer makes me dream

These photos are such an eye candy that I had to have them on my blog.
Laurent Chehere is such a talented artist!
French born, he created this collection called Flying Houses mixing photography and digital. Combinations of his exploration of poor neighborhood of Paris and some movies like "The Red Baloon" of Albert Lamorisse, these houses show a hidden beauty in every little detail. I can imagine Dorothy's house being one of them, don't you?
Here are some of my faves for the day, don't you wish to fly in one of them? or maybe have your one flying? This could be a hint for a new Diy :-)

Have a great day everyone! xxx Jess
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Shabby Chic DIY ideas to make

Hello and great to see you again after a nice break! and guess what? few more days at home before going back to work...

No need to be rich to have a shabby house. I don't know where you live but Shabby chic in Italy means a lot of money spent on furniture and decor.
Here's some simple DIY to make at home at almost no cost.
and more to come...

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