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Guest post from Sara Turner: How to create Pink Gift Basket

How to Create a Pink Gift Basket

Gift baskets are as enjoyable to make as they are to receive. Making a gorgeous and meaningful gift basket does not necessarily take a lot of creative skill, either. Simply taking a bit of time to plan the design and the contents of the gift basket makes all the difference. Choosing a central theme and color for a gift basket is vital for making the entire look come together. Pink is a wonderful color for a gift basket as it lends itself to so many wonderful options.

Gift Baskets for Others

A gift basket is a popular choice for multiple gift giving occasions. A basket for Christmas is a wonderful way to compile a variety of gifts in one cohesive package, and a pink gift basket for Christmas is a fun take on a traditional gift giving device. Gift baskets work well not just for holidays but for birthdays, get well presents, housewarming, or just because.

To make the perfect pink gift basket, you must first start with an appropriate container. A standard basket can be found at any craft store and at many discount stores. There is no reason to fret if a pink basket is not available, as it is simple to convert a neutral color with a can of spray paint. For an extra touch of elegance, craft stores carry specially formulated spray paints that can appear in a number of finishes, such as metallic or pearlized. However, contrary to popular belief, the container does not have to be a standard basket at all, but can be any container that complements the gift basket's contents, such as a ceramic bowl, a flower pot, or even a paint can that has been well cleaned and decorated.

The contents of a pink gift basket for Christmas or any other occasion should be suited for the individual. A food basket can contain a variety of meats, cheeses, and breads. Simply add a jar of rose jelly, some pink handled kitchen utensils, and a pink potholder and napkins for the feminine touch. A beauty basket is always a welcome choice. Include a bar of pink soap, a pink handled bath brush, emery boards, pink lip gloss, and pink nail polish.

The choices for items to include in gift baskets are truly endless and should ideally reflect the interests of the person receiving the gift. A book lover may appreciate a gift basket that contains an assortment of books and bookmarks. An athlete might enjoy a gift basket with a water bottle, massage oil, and a towel. Someone who has a new baby would likely benefit greatly from a gift basket with diapers, onesies, bibs, and pacifiers. Any of these items can be decorated beautifully with pink tissue paper, paper shreds, or cellophane.

Gift Baskets for the Home

Gift baskets are not only good choices to present to others, but can make a wonderful addition to one's own home. A pink gift basket to add flair to any number of locations. The gift basket itself can be pink, tied with a pink bow and matching floral pics. Another option is to craft a pink bow and flowers and tie it to a coordinating basket. Pink is a wonderful complement to most colors, but looks especially lovely with black, chocolate brown, and shades of blue and green.

A gift basket at the hearth is a practical, yet lovely piece of home decor. Create a bundles of herbs and twigs, tied together with twine. Add a bundle to a roaring fire to create an aroma of your choosing. Another place for a home gift basket is a guest bathroom. Fill the basket with soaps, lotions, and hand towels to give guests a feeling of luxury when they visit. When guests are over, a gift basket filled with favors is a wonderful idea. Favors can be pink organza sachets filled with a tin of mints, small chocolates, or various presents that are disguised in pink paper to be opened as a surprise when the guests arrives at his or her own home.

About the Author

Sara Turner works part-time for a company creating gift baskets. In her opinion a home can only be a castle if it is a personal space of creative energy and love in details. 'I love to write about gift baskets or to create gift baskets because I think that your personal space / environment grows
more special and detailed if you observe it closely and add things to posh it up. A bathroom gift basket with a variety of beautiful hand-made soaps can embellish your bathroom and make it a place of love and dedication.'

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