Sunday, July 8, 2012

Guest Post: Top trends in home decoration for 2012

 Keeping our homes stylish and up to date with the latest fashions can be an arduous task. After all, every year brings new trends, designs and styles that can leave their predecessors looking drab and out of date. This year heralds some amazing new trends in home decoration and looks set to be a spellbinding time of big flowers, bold colors and bright new horizons. Keeping up with the Jones’ has never been so difficult; in this article we will touch on the top trends in home decoration for 2012.

Retro Styles and 60’s charm

This year looks set to see a spin back in time with the retro style trends continuing to make an ever present showing on the home design scene. Many appliance companies are producing fantastic retro styled appliances that match perfectly into a well decorated home, giving us that bold 60’s charm. The floral prints of the 60’s are also making a come back, with big flowers and oversized wall paper smashing its way onto the scene. Oversized prints are back with style, with flowers being the main feature on the old school wallpapers fused with modern retro styling.

Bold colors and water color wall paper

Bold colors look set to lead the way in 2012, with bright vibrant oranges, watercolor blues and lipstick reds leading the way for modern designers. Water color wall papers set with big flowers and oversized prints adorn the walls, whilst vibrant bold colors set the feature for modern furniture and lamps. In fact, Pantones has named their color of the year “Tangerine Tango”. With vibrant colors and watercolor walls 2012 looks set to be a bright and bubbly year, with continuing trends from last year sliding their way back into the mix.

Imperfection continues its charge

Last year’s major trend of imperfection has continued its charge in 2012, with a strong showing and a modern twist. The imperfect styling continues now with a modern twist, deep purples will adorn the imperfect looks of the linen craze of 2011. Deep purples, dark chocolate browns and vibrant reds will make the linen craze of 2011 stand out strong in 2012. Imperfect design is a difficult look to master and careful consideration needs to be taken into account when utilizing this outstanding trend.

Camelback sofas, central door knobs and marbleized looks

2012 looks set to be a cool year of outstanding trends and home design marvels. Camelback sofas will make a strong feature amongst the over-sized floral wallpaper in watercolor blues and pastels. Big flowers look set to adorn most homes with an imperfect styling leading the way in a retro-fueled year in home design. Centralized door knobs make an interesting appearance this year whilst marbleized lamps and prints also making a come back. 2012 looks set to be an interesting year in home decorating, with some interesting new trends, some twisted classic looks and 60s style emblazoning our minds with a new and modern era in home design.

Chris has been involved in interior design for the last 4 years specialsing in French provincial tables and furniture. Chris is a regular blogger and has contributed numerous articles in the interior design community. 

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