Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tutorial: Turn your jar in a Mad About Pin...cushion!

 Happy week end!

Here's another tutorial I've done for you to recycle your jars. 
I real crafter should always have a pincushion, well, I didn't have one and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it so I used items that everybody has at home, to make it as eco-friendly and cheap as possible.

Time needed: 20 mins

Material needed:

  • Fabric Scrap
  • Jar with Lid (I've used a bath salt one but baby food jar, olives, preserves jars or anything you like with a lid could do)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (I've used a 2 cm one (less that 1 Inch)  but measure your lid height before choosing it)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Batting
  • Needle and tread (any color as it will be invisible)

 I've used a cup with a diameter twice as big as the lid diameter
 to cut the circle of fabric
 Sew around the edges with large and quick stitches.
Below you can see the dimensions in respect of my jar
 Pull the tread from the 2 sides to close the fabric
 Fill with batting and make it really full and pull completely the tread and make a knot
 Now get the glue gun and spread the glue all over the lid.
 Press really well the cushion on the lid in order to have all the side well attached. Get your ribbon and start adding glue on the side of the lid and press. I advise to do a little area at the time as the glue dries really fast. ( the stain in the picture is not blood :-), it's my son doing polka dots on it!)

And TA-DA-AM HERE it is. Pin your needles on it and store the rest inside!


  1. oh, this is such a good idea!!!!
    I really gonna make this one....
    I really like your tutorials op your blog.
    Bloempje666 (comment blog swap)

  2. I just love pink!!! This tutorial is great and looks super simple to do, thanks for sharing it!

    This is JustAddGlitter from Swap-Bot, happy swapping! :)

  3. Hi, this is Jex from swap-bot

    I have a tutorial of a pincushion in my blog too xD

    is super fun making pincushion, right?
    Hugs from Mexico!!

  4. Great idea to use up all those jars I have in my craft room!!
    I am mad about pink too!!!!
    donnastamps from swap-bot

  5. Hi Im your newest follower!bugsandbells from swap-bot.Love the blog!


  6. What a cute pin cushion. I love that you can store the extra pins in the jar. Thanks for sharing... I can definitely see using up some scraps and making some fun gifts.


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