Monday, February 16, 2015

Sprinkles of happiness - I'm in a magazine!


This time is not the best for me but at the same time I’ve almost forgot to share this piece of happiness (thank god for it!). Yes, my calendars have been featured on Casa Facile, a lovely magazine from Italy. I’ve almost missed it if it wasn’t for Elisabetta from Little Firestar  that told me that.

Who could have imagined that! I’m so happy that people have noticed it and of course you can still download them for free here. This kind of surprises make you want to continue and do more despite the hard time in the real life.
Elisabetta was also so kind to show me how she printed them. Don’t you think it’s so cute?

So why spending a lot of money on an agenda when the net offers them for free?
Did you miss the post? here it is! Please also check the blog for all the others :-)
Have a wonderful day!


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  1. I'm from Brazil and all my friends loved my calendar! Cant wait for 2016!! <3


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