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Tutorial from ArtMind - Polymer gift tags

by Mitsy of ArtMind (full tutorial via Poppytalk)

At the end, see Mad About Pink tips!

Here is what you need:
Metal stamping letters/numbers set, Fimo polymer clay, acrylic paint, flat wooden sticks, ceramic tiles or glass, cookie cutters, rolling pin, embossing tool or fat needle, paper plate, paintbrush and a cloth.

Take a piece of polymer clay and soften it while kneading.

Put the flat wooden sticks on the ceramic tile (makes it easier to transfer to the oven) and roll with the rolling pin over the clay so that it's nice, flat and even.

When you rolled out a piece, lift it up carefully and transfer it to another tile so you can roll out more little clay slabs.
Punch with your cookie cutters, figures out of the polymer clay slab.

Before you stat using your letter stamp set, wipe it off with a soft cloth. The stamps are a bit oily to make sure they don't start to rust.

Before you start stamping, try your stamp on a sample of Polymer clay.
This way you know how hard you have to press the stamp to get result and it will also be good to see if you're not holding the stamp upside down.

Hold the metal stamp tool as straight as possible and press lightly into the clay.

If you click on this picture below, you will see better what I stamped on the clay.
Take your embossing tool or needle to punch a hole in the clay.

Carefully take the piece of clay off the ceramic tile and punch with your embossing tool or needle on the backside of the clay so that the hole can be used.

Preheat your oven to 110°C or read the instructions on the packaging of the polymer clay you are using.

Put the ceramic tiles with the clay pieces in the oven for 30 minutes
and let it cool down afterwards. It's ready to use when they feel cold.

Put some acrylic paint on a paper plate and paint the sides and front of the clay.

Let it dry for a while.

When it's dry, rub it with a damp cloth so that most of the paint will come off again.

The harder you rub, the more paint will come off.

Here is another example with gold acrylic paint. Paint it.

Rub the paint away with a damp cloth.


In case you have a hard time getting the thin thread through the little hole, here's a tiny trick that makes it super easy...

Cut a small piece of metal wire.

Fold the metal thread in half and put the thread in between.

Stick the metal thread through the little hole of the clay.
Wrapping Ideas:

Mad About Pink tips and results....and more ideas:
I've been using polymer clay for long and I personally tried this tutorial, I must say I had a great time.
I personally keep the clay in the oven a bit less as 30min is far too much but I guess you need to know your home oven. The tips is to have the oven at the right temperature.  
Try this:
put a paper tissue in the oven, if it starts getting brownish, the temperature is too high!
I also think that the paint effect looks better on a coloured label as with the white you end up "dirtying it"
Here's some of my jewelery and tags:

Butterfly pendant
Chocolate bars...transformed into earrings

Rose bronze pendant

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