Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jam labels and more labels to dowload

This morning my auntie was making Mirabelle jam ( a special plum that grows in this part of France, the Lorraine region) and she inspired me with this post. Hope you like it!

If you are not sure about what label to use and how to present your jams and preserves, just keep reading!
And they all can be download!
Home-made jams or chutneys make heartfelt wedding favors that can be dressed to match any colour or theme. Simply add a swatch of fabric and pretty ribbon at the top. Bonus: label the jars with guests’ names and have them double as place cards. Label by www.greenka.etsy.com
Welcome neighbours and congratulate friends with something sweet. Grab a basket, spray paint it your favourite colour, then pack with savoury home-made spreads and jams in a variety of colours. A fresh, inspired gift the recipient is sure to love.

Don’t forget a job well done – use this calendar label to commemorate your canning date, and keep the pantry organized. Alternatively, give it in recognition of a special occasion – such as births, weddings, anniversaries and more – and the calendars add a fun way to mark the date.

Nothing conjures up the bounty of the earth like the feeling of a fall harvest. These colorful leaf-inspired labels are the perfect topper or gift tag for your canned fruits, and pair great with yarn and felt accents in matching hues. Label by www.notepourri.etsy.com.
 Dress up traditional jars for the holidays with these bold, modern labels for a fancy touch. Use contrasting ribbons to accent the jars, and disperse individually or in colorful sets. The center is left blank to include a handwritten or typed seasons greeting of your own. Label by www.notepourri.etsy.com

This retro-patterned label is complete with cursive “homemade,” reinforcing the love and effort that went into the treats. Simply drop in the name of your recipe, and you’ve got a cool gift for recipients from any era. Label by www.bohtieque.etsy.com.
 All and more via Sweet Preservation


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