Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Click-and-Print Ornaments

Not enough ideas to decide from? and most of all not enough time? here's another easy one.
***Paola try it and send me a photo, I know you can do it***
 Just follow the steps:
Ornament How-To

Download templates; print onto card stock (or color-photocopy at 130 percent). Using a utility knife, cut out the six squares. (If adding photos, use imaging software to size them to fit windows, which are 1 1/4 inches square. Print onto photo paper; cut out, leaving a 1/8-inch border. Cut out windows on two squares; tape photos to back.)

1. With printed sides faceup, score the four corners of each square with a bone folder. Fold corners up at 90-degree angles. Using a glue stick, attach squares to form ornament.

2. Trim edges with scissors if making rounded-edge cube. Thread a long needle with ribbon; pull through a corner, adding a bead and knotting. Or pull a double strand of ribbon through top and bottom; add two beads and knot.

Digital Photo How-To
If you're savvy with presentation software, use it to import digital images directly into the template: Open a new document in the program; insert template. Insert two photos in document. Drag photos to marked boxes; resize photos. Print document onto photo-quality card stock (matte finish). Proceed with ornament how-to instructions.

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