Monday, February 21, 2011

Different decorating styles: What's your style?

I definitely know mine but I can't define it. It's mix of modern, vintage, recycled, shabby and country! Do you think I'm confused? No, feel free to express yourself and your style can be the New style! That's my opinion.
I wish I could see all your houses, they tell so much about you. I wish I had more money to change and add and change and and decor in my house like changing my clothes.
   According to Better Homes & Gardens, home decorating styles are:
Contemporary: clean lines, minimalist, even hip or retro with lots of industrial materials in open spaces.
Cottage: personal, warm & cozy with accessories that are distressed & weathered, shabby white items & vintage collections displayed in racks.
French Country: elegant & romantic, lots of florals,fabric & rustic accessories.
Traditional: casual with classic pieces and neutral colors.
Country: comfortable with a lived-in feel and whimsical farm animals as accessories are not unusual. 
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  1. flea market eclectic style, my dear... that's your new definition. :) Fun.

  2. wow...we are connected.
    I love modern, vintage, recycled, shabby, country, or as I call it MoVinCyShabCount...LOL.

    I have not developed my style, yet...other than timeless. I want to invest in good things and be able to keep them forever.

  3. I love a whimsical look that has shabby vintage touches.

  4. My decorating style is too much stuff.Or if being kind to myself eclectic.

    justingrid swapbot

  5. My style is PET FRIENDLY chaos. Its the new style coming out in magazines soon!! I've NEVER had a house/room that could be featured in a magazine! LOL! leecytx from swap-bot


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