Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Welcome and grab a seat

Here we are, my first post for this blog!

First I should explain why I’ve created it. I like pretty things! and most of all the pink colour!

Many people can only see concrete, grey and traffic jams but I’d tell them to keep dreaming and think about all nice memories they have and future plans. So I decided to share this thought with more people. I would call it my personal pink place. A place where only nice things are allowed and where I can grow my interests and of course share them with many people.

I like design, creativity, photos and good food and I always see that there are so many talented people around that’s worth putting all of that together as inspiration. This blog is to put them together, linking their blogs, web sites, photos , creating a collection of things worth to be seen and used for personal inspiration. I want it to be contagious.

So if you think you have pretty “pink” stuff, I’ll be so happy to add them and share them.

In this side of the world, spring has arrived!!! And ideas are blossoming.

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