Saturday, March 19, 2011

Old keys are fashionable, don't you think?

Hi there! I went to a wedding last week end and we talked about antique keys.... don't ask why but the next day during my cup of tea and blog session I stumbled across this great post from Inspired by this. Isn't it gorgeous, it makes me want to collect all keys and  do something about them.

Have you got other ideas? please send me the link and read the article and visit the original post for more photos.

"There’s something so beautiful about vintage keys. It always makes me wonder what they opened in a previous life. I love when a bride and groom takes the time to collect things for their decor, especially when that translates into an amazing keepsake for guests to take home!"

Photo by Kellie Kano


  1. Thank you for visiting me and the nice comment...and these keys' collections are incredible really this is a lovely vintage piece to have....bjs. Nádya

  2. Hi! The keys and the bride and groom are adorable! Thanks for entering my giveaway and hope you win!! Your blog is pink and lovely!:)

    Kristin xo


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