Friday, December 3, 2010

My trip to Paris …sorry to Wonderland!

Good afternoon,
it took me a while to post my trip to Paris from 2 weeks ago. The photos have been taken from a mobile phone hence why they aren’t good quality. Sorry, I hope they will give you inspiration anyway.
It was such a fantastic trip. I wondered around the streets just to admire the shop windows decorated of the famous shopping centres

What do you think about this crêpes shop? Isn’t it perfect for a Mad About Pink like me?

but most of all I attended the Salon Créations & savoir-faire , a gold mine for crafts!

The theme, this year, was Alice in Wonderland. This is the place for craft shopping but also to attend ateliers (I made a ring and did some cross stitching …on this last part I’m not that keen anymore…it makes more nervous than anything, I think I’ll use it just to decorate my pouches on small surfaces)

Have a happy week end!

Mad About Pink

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  1. I so LOVE LOVE LOVE the Alice in Wonderland theme! I could just stay there forever ;p

    Following you and looking forward to more awesome posts (:

    mag x (swapbot)
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