Friday, October 1, 2010

e-magDECO: Un mas dans la campagne aixoise

This is so me, it could be in my top ten of dream houses!
How could I resist to post and share what I found on e-magDECO with you?
This house is located in France!  **If you understand French** I'd recommend to read the article otherwise just let your eyes travel through the pictures!

White and pink, it's so relaxing and fresh!
Bowls are so pretty and decorative as well as useful.
Do you want to copy this idea with a small budget?  Just go the a second hand store you can have similar bowls (I've tried it and I love every single one!) otherwise you can find similar ones searching for "Comptoir de famille".
The stairs idea as a shelf is so clever! Old books gives you such a warm feeling, don't you think?

Candles and bath is something that should always go together! But not when you are in a hurry or with small children around :-)  
"Courtesy of the magazine e-magDECO"
Enough for today! A little download is coming VERY soon from a SUPER GUEST blogger...only for Mad About Pink!
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  1. oh we do like so many of the same things!

  2. Wow, that house is gorgeous! I love every single thing about it and I wish I was living there right now!

  3. What a cute house. All the cubbies are awesome!

    darzy30 - swapbot

  4. I am completely in love with that house, oh my goodness. And I love that bowl idea.


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