Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SWAP available..tiny beads for anything crafty!

Dear readers and friends,

I've just realized that my house is invaded with tiny beads of any colour. I'm looking to give them to a good home that could make a better use of them. I love the idea of swapping, no waste, recycling and make someone and yourself happy with things you don't need any more.

Is anyone interested in a swap for other craft material like fancy fabric scrap, felt, ribbons, brads, charms, kawaii items...basically anything than beads? Contact me if you are or leave a comment and I'll contact you back. Let's say I could prepare kits of 10 tubes each (I usually pack them in little bags for better posting) of different colours ( the photos are only examples).

To give you some ideas, I started using them for necklaces and I ended up making any kind of animal like those:

If you have another swap you'd like me to host for you, just contact me and I'll help you to find a new owner for your goods and at the same time we'll help reduce the waste or why not, introduce you to a new activity.
Looking forward to see your items!
For more swaps from all over the world, have a look at this great website www.swap-bot.com. Be careful, It's contagious!


  1. Much better. LOL. I love the tiny animals amde from beads. There adorable!! THis is mustxbexfate from sb via Be my blog follower on Blogger

  2. I love the little butterfly.
    I'm a follower! -DanniJo85 from SwapBot!


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