Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Printables - Chicks


As you can see Mad about Pink has a new look! The inspiration came from the spring season and the tree I see from my window. I've added more space for your feedbacks (always appreciated) and it’s more interactive. Readers are not passive, they become friends from all over the world that all share something and... it feels great. I really hope you feel the same too.

Time flies and Easter is approaching. How can I not include something. Here’s a link for free Easter printable from Jinjerup (tutorial provided on her blog, check it out!). They are handy for last minute little gifts (a card and bookmark at the same time, so simple and so clever). Of course I’ve tried to print them on thick paper and I’ve attached a little chocolate Easter egg with coordinating ribbon. They look great and it takes only few minutes.

Happy Easter!

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